Welcome to P&M Geckos

     If you are looking for a leopard gecko to join your family, please click on the "Available Leopard Geckos" link. Our available geckos are always changing, so please be sure to check back with us if you don't find something you like. If you are looking for something specific please let us know. We do realize that current economic situation is hard on everyone, so we offer free local pick-up. We are located in Tampa Florida. If you are looking to purchase your first leopard gecko, please click on the "Before You Buy A Leopard Gecko" link. There you will find helpful information on how to care for your leopard gecko, and what to expect from your leopard gecko.  

     We also rescue unwanted, abused, or sick leopard geckos without question. If you have a gecko that you can not care for, or no longer have time to dedicate to it, please contact us. If you need help or have questions on how to care for your leopard gecko, please feel free to ask. We simply do not want to see any leopard gecko forgotten.  

      Our breeders are each kept in large tanks with dry & moist hides, and practical decorations for stretching and climbing on. Our babies are kept in a rack system with hides to play on and in, until they are 5 weeks of age.  Once our babies reach 5 weeks of age they are moved into tanks. Our rescued and pet only geckos are all kept in tanks with dry & moist hides, and practical decorations for climbing, and stretching on. Everyone is fed twice a day, and has fresh water, and calcium with D3 powder available at all times. Our leopard geckos are fed mealworms, crickets, calcium worms, and occasionally a waxworm or two.   If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.